Spend less time on sales snags, more time actually leading your business.

Popular integrations we work with

Flexible POS

POS systems that make your business look and act more sophisticated
— and keep sales flowing.

Replace small-business solutions like Square and Clover with sophisticated, flexible software that talks to your other systems and comes with centralized CPOS Support.

Khaled Abdullah,
Co-Founder, Chickpeas

A big leap for us

“We had a big challenge with our POS system, so when the CPOS guys walked us through it was a big leap for us. The backup systems we now have in place — for if and when our systems go down — are a big help. They’ve also helped us increase our speed of attending to customers. It’s taking less time, 15-20 seconds per transaction. Especially when it’s busy or we’re short staffed, that extra time helps a lot.”

Khaled Abdullah,
Co-Founder, Chickpeas

Payment Processing

Payment processing that connects to everything you need it to.

Run your business the way the big guys do — with integrations. We provide payment processing along with all the connectivity pieces you need to make things run smoothly for you and your customers.

Physical & Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards that actually meet the digital age.
“Hello, Digital Age.”

Use ONE simple system that’s dummy-proof for both customers and staff.
The Poynt Device

Poynt Devices that refuse to be anything but lean, mean sales-crunching machines.

One sleek device processes sales and gift cards while running our built-in software for both payment processing and POS.

Payment options

Payment options that give customers total control —while shielding you from processing fees.

Use CPOS Pay to offer debit, credit, or cash payment options at your terminal, allowing customers to make a choice about surcharges. Cover processing fees partially or fully while offering your customer full transparency and control. Keep more sales revenue — with zero friction at checkout.


Middleware that connects everything to make ONE step out of POS and payment processing.

Save 20-30 seconds for every transaction (and keep waiting customers happy). One sales entry means no days’ end report reconciliation. That’s another 30-40 minutes back in your pocket.

Jesse McDonald,
Manager, Suzy Q Doughnuts, Ottawa

Eliminates a huge number of frustrations

“We were using ShopKeep on an ipad… it can’t talk to a card reader at all… we had to have a completely separate solution. I was glad that we found a way out of it. Now we have integrated payment terminals, which is a change we wanted to make in the first place. Having integration is vital. It eliminates a huge number of the frustrations we used to have.”

Jesse McDonald,
Manager, Suzy Q Doughnuts, Ottawa
Invoicing Software

Goes“ka-ching!” 1-2 days sooner — for 0.9-2.9% less.

User-friendly invoicing just got faster and cheaper. Whenever your customer pays, your deposit comes in next day, not 2-3 days later. And our rate is just 2.1% compared to competitor rates of 3-5%.
Ecommerce Cart Payment Processing

Plug-and-play cart payments that make ecommerce more lucrative.

Pay lower rates on transactions while enjoying all the benefits of popular ecommerce platforms. 2.1% transaction rate means more muscular margins and next-day deposit keeps cash flowing. Plus, get the real human support clients expect from us.

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Online Ordering for Restaurants

Online ordering platforms built to generate robust restaurant sales

Sleek, customized and branded online ordering for your restaurant website is now within reach. We’ll create a branded website or, if you already have a site you love, our platform works with it and integrates with your POS, completely eliminating the need to reconcile human errors.

Compare Your Options for Online Orders




Customer Data

Integration & Support

Take online orders through an app like UberEats or DoorDash

Pay 25% of sales.
4-5 days
The app company owns and leverages customer data.
Doesn’t integrate with POS. Subject to human error.

Have your web developer create an online order site for you

Pay $3,000-$15,000 for custom web development plus 3-5% of sales

2-3 days

You own customer data

When something goes wrong with your payment processor, your web developer has no idea what to do. Your payment processor says you need to talk to your web developer. Finger-pointing ensues.

Get a CPOS-integrated custom site

Get a CPOS-integrated custom site

Next day

You own customer data. Leverage it to run promotions, send custom offers, and maintain a relationship with your customers 

You own customer data. Leverage it to run promotions, send custom offers, and maintain a relationship with your customers