Testimonials or Merchant Account Reviews of Our Services

CPOS has established a reputation as an exceptional provider of merchant services in the Canadian market. We strive to provide every merchant with great service, fast and efficient support, and financial benefit. The passion and commitment that we put into our business is exemplified in the feedback that we receive from our customers. Below are a few examples of customers that have shared their experiences:

I'm really happy with the service from my sales rep and his professional approach. I was setup with my bank before, and he made the switch very simple for me and took care of the whole process from start to finish. His effort to go above and beyond was really appreciated. I am recommending you guys to a few of my friends in town, thank you!

— Katie – Cambridge ON

‎I'm very impressed with the speed of service that I received. I called on Monday afternoon and was setup and running by Friday morning. It’s reassuring to see a company that still cares about customer satisfaction.

— Peter - Ottawa ON

I've had credit and debit service for years in my business so I realize that technical issues are bound to happen every so often. What is important to me is how these issues are resolved when they do come up. I am extremely happy with the way CPOS handled my issue when my terminal went down. When I was with my bank I felt like I was talking to a machine when I called for support. The personalized service with CPOS makes all the difference.

— Scott - Toronto ON

It was great to see that my sales person followed up with me a month after he setup my machine. He made sure I understood my statement and I can confirm I'm saving quite a bit since I switched over.

— Anne - Missassauga ON

Your customer service team is very impressive. When I called in yesterday for help they were very patient and helped me from start to finish. We were able to resolve my issue quickly.

— Tom - Kingston ON

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