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Payment Processing For E-Commerce

The Converge Virtual Terminal is the all-in-one online payment solution. You can accept payments by either entering your customers' card numbers yourself through the online portal, or by setting up Converge on your e-commerce website so that your customers can pay directly on your site. Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, and MasterCard Debit.

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Keeping Transactions Safe & Customers Happy

Safe & Secure Online Payment Processing

Even though eCommerce and online transactions have become significantly more common in the past decade, sharing credit card information online is still a valid concern for many people. The Converge Virtual Terminal is built with a focus on protecting customer’s sensitive information. This is done using a method called Tokenization. This substitutes customer credit card details with non-exploitable elements when storing this information. The result is reduced risk of leaking customer information, easier PCI compliance and minimized costs. These security features make the Converge Virtual Terminal great for businesses that charge recurring transactions as well!

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No Hassle Online Subscriptions

Simple Management For Recurring Payments

If your business offers subscription-based services and takes payments online, then the Converge Virtual Terminal is the perfect payment gateway to handle your recurring payments. Recurring transactions can easily be added to the system on a billing cycle that you specify. Once added, transactions will be automatically processed on the billing day without the need to send them for authorization and will continue to run until you suspend the transaction profile. If you need to take extra installment payments outside of the regular billing cycle, these payments are easy to set up and process as well. No matter whether your business runs on single transactions, or recurring payments, CPOS and the Converge Virtual Terminal can support your business to enable your growth!

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