FAQs for Merchant Services

Below are some commonly asked questions. Got a question? All questions are good questions and we are here to help. Email an Inquiry or give us a call 1-888-489-8769

What are the benefits of accepting Debit and Credit Cards?

Providing your customers with the option to pay credit cards and debit will undoubtedly increase your sales and increase your revenues, while retaining a high percentage of your returning customers. You will never have to turn away a customer due to lack of payment options.

Can I delegate debit and credit card costs to my customers?

You can add a surcharge on debit transactions but Visa and MasterCard have prohibited adding charges on credit sales.

How fast will the money be transferred into my bank account?

It is typically 1-2 business days, and it will depend on when you settle the terminal and the financial institution that handles your banking.

What happens if my terminal goes down?

We provide state-of-the-art terminals and a processing platform with an uptime of 99.99%. If there is an issue, you can call into our 24/7 customer service and 9/10 it is most likely a software issue in which case a quick download can fix the terminal over the phone. In the rare occurrences of a hardware failure, a new terminal will be shipped out immediately to your place of business.

Do I have to change my bank account?

Absolutely not! We work with any financial institution so long as it is a Canadian one. Your bank account can also be denominated as CAD or USD at your choosing.

How long does it take for me to get approved?

We have one of the fastest turn around rate in the industry. So long as you can provide all the proper documents, within 3-5 business days, we can have your business up and running with proper training and support to get you started with accepting Interac/Visa/MasterCard.

What is the warranty if I decide to lease or buy the terminal?

We provide life-time warranties on all equipment shipped out from our company.

What if I’m in a contract with my current provider?

No problem! We will work diligently alongside you to make sure your transition is smooth and hassle-free. We also provide upwards of $300 credit to help ease the financial blow.


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