The Importance of a Market Analysis to Improve Your Small Business Growth

Behind every successful business, service or product there is an important market analysis that has been done beforehand to ensure the business would grow and become a success. This is the first step to develop a good marketing plan. 

What is a market analysis? 

A market analysis is a process of collecting data to make sure the product or service you are providing and/or selling is one that future customers might need. Market analysis englobes; 

  • Economy 
  • Competitors 
  • Demographic 
  • Market Trends 


An Economy overview is helpful to understand where your market is currently heading economically. It should focus on long-lasting trends (5 years + trends) which will tell you if the industry you are in is growing or not. Doing an economic analysis will help you see if the market you are interested in is worth capitalizing on. 


There is going to be a greater struggle in starting a business if competitors around you are already well established and loved by the population. This will, in turn, require more time and effort in order to succeed. It’s essential to know about your competitors and how to make your services stand out if you truly want to start a business in that niche. 


Depending on who your average customer is, and what your target clientele will be, there are different ways to approach your business. Doing an analysis of this ensures you will satisfy the needs of that target audience.

Market Trends 

Understanding the current trends in the market you’re wanting to be apart of is important in order to be one step ahead of everyone else around you. Don’t try to follow the trends, lead them and think of what may be coming next. That’s how your business is going to stand out, and this is something you can achieve only by doing a market analysis. 

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