Using Social Media Influencers To Promote Your Small Business. How Does It Work?

Have you ever bought a product that a celebrity you like uses? For most people, the answer is yes. This kind of marketing has been around for the longest time and believe it or not, it works. 

Actually, a lot of people are guilty of buying items that influencers talk about online. This is just one example of a tactic used by businesses across virtually every industry called influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing comes in different forms. It includes; 

  • Youtube (video reviews/sponsored videos)
  • Social Media (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter…)
  • Blogs 

How does it work? 

Social media influencers are a great asset for marketing your business as it is the equivalent of word of mouth but on a larger scale. Customers trust those around them or people they follow for good product recommendations. 

First, you have to keep in mind the kind of products you sell in order to know which influencers you want to approach with your products. If you have a beauty influencer promote a product that is outside of their niche of content, you might not get the results wanted. 

The different influencer types 

According to smart insights, you can place influencers in 3 different categories. 


  • Usually under 100k followers on social media. 
  • Cheaper to get 
  • You’ll reach a much more targeted audience. 

Medium-sized influencers: 

  • Have about 100k to 1 million social followers. 
  • They’re going to be more expensive to work with and harder to get.
  • You will also reach a larger audience, which makes them an attractive option.


  • They have huge audiences of over 1 million followers.
  • They’re difficult to get, they’re very expensive to work with.

What are the steps if you want to try out influencer marketing? 

It’s important to plan a budget and see what kind of influencers you can afford. It’s also important to do your research regarding the influencers you might want to contact. Of course, reach out privately and personally. Send a personal direct message to the influencer and do the same in their email made for business inquiries. Don’t send those mass emails that seem low effort, reach out in a way that is thoughtful. 

Here are some links to other questions you might have. 

  1. How to pay Instagram Influencers
  2. Federal Trade Commission (There are laws, it’s important to read them)

We live in a time where social media is one of the main keys to success, and it’s important to know where to reach out to future customers, and influencers! 

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