4 Tips For Making The Holidays An Easier Time At Your Business

For a lot of small businesses, the holiday season is a good time of year to make a profit. The months prior pose an excellent opportunity to plan out your holiday season, and prepare your marketing material to attract more sales. The excellent news is that there are measures you can take to save time and make sure sales continue to run smoothly during the holiday season. Here are four tips to consider:


1. Look at your countertop terminal/POS system

It’s essential to look at your equipment to make sure everything will run smoothly during the holidays. A simple check-up with your employees to know if there was an ongoing issue with anything technical, will help prevent any problems during a profitable time of year.  If there’s anything that should be reviewed, contact the company in charge of your POS systems before the holidays to make sure you get the help you need.

2. Make a holiday schedule

A holiday schedule not only helps your customers know your holiday business hours, but it also helps you to better manage staff, inventory and tasks at such a busy time of year. Start out by writing in holidays, events, and sales that are already in the works so that you can shape the rest of your schedule around them.

Markdown the busiest days of the holidays so that you know when you need to schedule extra staff. Prepare a plan in case things go wrong in terms of staff not showing up, power outage or anything else that could make those days a more significant challenge than usual.

3. Schedule your social media posts

Christmas, New Year and everything in between is a time where everyone wants to do the bare minimum. We all want to spend time with family and friends, as everyone does during the holidays. An excellent way to make sure you can do so with less work on your shoulders is to schedule your social media posts.

Create enough content for the season so that it can be scheduled and posted without you having to do the work during that time of the year. Hootsuite is a good place to start scheduling publications while you’ll be away.

4. Prepare content ahead of time

Whatever your business is, emails, articles, social media, and work schedules can all be done ahead of time so that your business runs smoothly. Draft your emails to have some of your daily email tasks/follow up ready ahead of time so that they can be sent with only one click.

Once your emails are set up, you can schedule them in advance or save them as a draft, and add any last-minute information before sending them out.

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