5 Tips to Naming Your New Business

Finding a name for your business can be a hard task. You want a name that connects with your target clientele and makes them come to your company and only yours. The wrong name can push the sales away, but the right name can have such a positive impact on your business. It is crucial to take your time, and put in lots of thought, in order to find the right name. With a good and original name, all the money you will spend on marketing will turn out to be worth it.

1. Search your ideas on the internet

You need to make sure the idea you have does not already exist. By looking on the internet, you can see if there are any active businesses with the name you have in mind. It’s the perfect way to avoid having a similar name to another business. Also, if a business using that nickname has terrible reviews, it’s preferable not to use something similar to avoid confusion and set yourself apart.

2. Think about the trademark and domain

Can you get a trademark for the name you have in mind? It’s something fundamental and something you should look for. Also, can you get the domain name, or is it already taken? It’s always better to secure the ”.com” domain, and it makes your business look more professional and established. Make sure the name is also available on social media platforms, there’s nothing worse than having everything set up, for you to then find out that the name of your business is already being used on Instagram or Facebook, for example.

3. Ask for feedback

When you have a couple of ideas in mind, make sure you ask for feedback. Get feedback by family, friends, colleagues and even strangers, in order to get a good idea of what name is the most appealing. It’s important to take feedback seriously, if someone says one of your ideas could be poorly received, trust their words and go with another one. Having a name that already has negative feedback is not the kind of business name you want to be associated with.

4. Does it sound good?

Is the business name easy to remember? You want something simple, that has a good ring to it, and something people won’t forget. If it’s easily forgotten and people keep asking you, ”what was your business name idea again?”, then it’s most likely not a catchy business name. The more people remember your brand’s name, the better it is for your business, and the more business you will get.

5.  Make sure you’re satisfied with your final choice

At the end of the day, you’re the one making the decision and living with that choice. It is essential that you are satisfied with the name you chose. No one wants to regret their business name, so go with what feels right, and from there, you can then enjoy the process of building your brand!

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