The decline of Google’s organic search; how can this affect your business and how to overcome it.

Google, for years, has been well known for its amazing search engine. It was straightforward, unbiased, and you would always get the best search results. We are now at a time where people can pay to be in the first search results, so it doesn’t always mean the initial results are the most informative websites for what you are searching for. In fact, most web researches get no clicks at all, and searchers get answers via Google who tells them the right answer without the need to click on websites to websites. There is no need to hunt for an explanation anymore. This means website owners, e-commerce’s are no longer the top results, so how can this affect your business, and how can you overcome it?

The effects on your business 

If your business has a website, it’s getting harder to get organic clicks. To make a website work these days, it’s about putting twice as much efforts for half the result. Obviously, it’s important for businesses to be in the first search results, and paying for it, even though it can be effective, is an expensive solution to a long term problem.

Make sure the words you’re using are relevant to what your customers are looking for

The more relevant the words you’re using are about what you’re selling or writing about, the better. If you’re descriptive, you have a better chance to rank higher in the search results and get more clicks. To find out what key words would make it easier for your customers to find your website, use search analytics. What are your customers clicking on? What are they looking for? Once you get answers to these questions, use those keywords to your advantage.

Here is what you’ll be able to find by looking at your analytics:

  • Messages from Google
  • The list of internal and external pages that link to your website
  • Site errors
  • The crawl rate and when Googlebot accesses your site
  • The keyword searches that help your site appear in the SERPs

Make sure your clients know about your website

One of the most effective solutions is to make sure every social media account you have, has a direct link to your website. Not only that but also to make sure the link works. When making ads, always add your website in there, the more active links you have, the better. Other ways to make sure you get traffic are;

  • Writing posts on sites with an important field authority
  • Influencer campaigns to gain back-links from influential bloggers or social media figures in your industry
  • Expanding your social marketing to obtain more shares, along with the back-links that come from more people talking about your content online.

It’s important to understand that the internet is a place that is changing daily. There is always something new, something better—new trends. It’s good to use it as an advantage, but it’s also about learning how to evolve with it.




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